Blog #1-Bottle Caps



Bottle cap Collection

Project Timeline:

  • This can start in September and end early April.
  • Caps can be collected every 1-2 week(s).

Project Description:

The objective for this project is to primarily recycle all plastic caps. Whether they are from plastic bottles or detergent caps,but we have to keep in mind that not all plastic caps can be recycled due to the fact that the are made from plastics that cannot be recycled. With the collection of the plastics there will be a creation of a bench. These benches can be placed all around campus, and can maybe be donated to Chicago Park Districts . Depending on how many pounds of plastic caps are collected will determine the number of benches that will be made. For one bench, about 300 pounds of plastic caps have to be collected. This is a big campus and it can be done, we can recycle cardboard boxes just for bottle caps placed around campus where people can drop their caps. Once the bottles caps are collected we would then have to ship them to the industry that makes the benches. We would be recycling caps and getting benches in return, great system.

Preliminary Project Budget:

The ideal budget for this project would not cost much. The only thing would that would cost would be driving to the industry to drop the caps, but maybe there can be fundraisers that can help with it.


One thought on “Blog #1-Bottle Caps

  1. This is awesome. One idea to gain momentum for the project is to have a contest to see who can donate the most plastic caps. Whoever wins could have the bench in their name, or win some other prize. Then they can come back to UIC and be reminded of how they contributed to making UIC more green.


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