Trash can be Treasure!

Project Title: Trash can be Treasure!

Project Timeline: (the second week of every new semester)

  • Make a petition to allow the “Trash Can Be Treasure” event
  • Determine how many students are participating in the yard sale
  • The yard sale would be two days only from 12pm-5pm

Project Description:

New semester new me right? You still have unwanted items in your space like books, clothing, furniture, electronics, and much more. What can you possibly do to get rid of this besides throwing it away? Sell it. Selling your items benefits you and the environment. It helps you out by having extra cash for the school year. It helps the environment by not adding more material in the landfill. Students will have their displays around the campus.  This project will show students that not everything is a waste or just easily dropped into a trashcan. The yard sell will happen every new semester on the second week of the school. Students will have three weeks of advance to be notified of the upcoming event. This project will also allow new students or current students to have the UIC experience by meeting new people and enjoying the small event during the school year. By having this project, we will reduce the amount of methane produce by the landfills.The goal of this project is to have less material in the trash. The more we reduce the more energy we save. Anyone can participate with this activity.

Project Budget:

The budget will not be much. There are many ways on how students can display their items. By having them on a blanket or on a table. A blanket can cost you a range about ten dollars. A table can cost you about fifteen to twenty dollars. Of course this is the budget for the students who do not have the blanket or the table.



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