Irrigation Implementation


Dear Office of sustainability,

Due to the rise in the absence of fresh water in various places around the globe, it is my interest to make UIC the leading example for other university’s and communities by taking the initiative to create our own sustainable energy system that limits, and ultimately stops if possible, the use or necessity of exterior water sources in the Chicago land area. The purpose of this project would be to create our vary own green space irrigation system that will operate off of gathered precipitations that fall on and on the outskirts of campus grounds throughout the year. Articles like storm drains or even roof top gutters will gather and lead precipitation to a storage location where they’d then be sanitized, possibly by students studying the sciences (EAE Sciences, Chemistry, etc.) or students that simply take interest in the project, and ultimately sent to distribution through the irrigation system. Installing the system will only take approximately 2-3 weeks, Though Appropriate and thorough planning for the project could take no less than 4 months. The typical cost of installing an irrigation system can roughly range between $800-$4,000, with an average cost of $2,400 for your average home owner according to Home Adviser, and it takes about one day to install your average system. Taking into consideration that UIC is a college campus in an urban setting and is far more vast than the “average home”,its clear that the cost will be a major factor; however by strategically installing the systems in “zones” around the campus the cost could be reduced significantly and possibly even halved. The cost of this project may ultimately range between $20,000-$25,000, yet the long term benefits trump the price tag and set UIC on the path for being its very own source of renewable energy, by having a reusable water source to maintain the green space on campus. Implementing this project will lead to a significant decline in the price of UICs water bill, and considering the urban setting of UIC the much needed aspect of “green space” on campus will be maintained by the green energy produced by this project.

Thank you for your time and consideration!

Screenshot 2016-01-28 at 11.03.55 AM


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