Post Up

Food Waste is a serious and highly overlooked issue in the world of sustainability. The reason being that people need to eat, but how much should our food service professionals prepare? There will always be left over food and as long as it has not been served for consumption, it can be donated. The bigger issue is the left over food scraps that people throw away. My proposal is to institute a system of ‘organic material only’ trash bins at campus dinning halls, dormitories and any other large traffic areas that my see the consumption of organic material on a regular basis. Most people think composting is too hard because you have to sort out all your types of foods because certain types are not compostable. This however is untrue; you just need to take care when composting all organic material that includes dairy and other animal products. The addition of disposal bins solely for organic material in an accessible area also allows for simple educational signage to be posted. These bins would then be emptied into any variety of composting bins that can be clustered together or dispersed throughout campus based on the desire for visibility or efficiency. The compost can then be used for future Sustainability Fee Projects that require planting; offsetting the cost of soil and helping these new projects thrive.

The Post Up project implementation would only take a couple of weeks to have signage made, bins for waste collection and composting purchased, and then installed. But as mentioned, the project would run indefinitely and help to start or augment other projects. The budget for this proposal can be as expensive as buying an industrial composting ‘bin’ form a company like HotRot Solutions, a more middle ground estimate of $12,000 for 50 worm composting bins by Hungry Bin, or a low end of $5,000 for the same amount of small compost tumblers bought from a local retailer like Home Depot.

This Project aims at spreading awareness on a highly ignored issue while also helping to tackle the problem at hand.

Danny Garofalo, garofal1

Sources: Provided as site links in highlighted text.



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