Sustainable Education

Sustainable Education

Project Timeline:

  • Outline tour throughout campus collaborating with departments like the LCC and the AACC
  • Contact schools or community organizations to connect with students
  • Set up tours for students, preferably for non-winter months

Project Description:

UIC is home to many sustainable structures throughout its campus such as green buildings, green spaces, gardens and even a DIVVY station. The location of East Campus puts it near the Loop but also places it near other neighborhoods such as Pilsen and the Near West Side. Here is where I believe there would be a rich opportunity for sustainable education. In these surrounding communities we find a large number of students of all age groups that would benefit from learning on our campus.

This education effort would be a campus-wide collaboration where students would tour the sustainable structures on campus while learning about sustainable technologies and practices at UIC and around the world. This effort would not only educate visitors but would help promote the type of sustainability that UIC is committed to.

Preliminary Project Budget:

The Office of Sustainability has a group of volunteers called Eco-Educators that provide information at events on campus. I believe that these same volunteers can be used as tour guides which means this effort would have no cost.


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