The Bottle Garden

Project Title: UIC Bottle Garden


Project Timeline: March 2017-May 2017


This project I’m proposing is that we build a garden using plastic bottles that have been recycled here on campus. I feel like this project would not take very long in terms of getting everything built. I would have the garden somewhere in the quad. In this garden we would have plants that help increase the biodiversity of this campus.One way we could this is have the bottles hanging from a wall and a water jug at the bottom pumping water and giving the plants water. I feel like this is a great project to fund and something a lot of people on campus would like to take part in.
Preliminary Project budget: $200


7 thoughts on “The Bottle Garden

  1. I love this idea, it would definitely add a greenspace on campus, however I feel like the plastic bottles might look a little messy somewhere like the quad. I think it would look better on a wall of building that doesn’t have much traffic, but still enough sunlight.


  2. I love your idea is a new way to look at building green space on campus. Beyond the job of the Heritage Garden, we can even paint the bottles create a theme and beautifying campus. If you want to pursue this project further I would love to work with you.


  3. Yes!!! This is so cool! I wanna work with you to submit this! I’m a part of EcoCampus and I know people would totally love this idea and would love to work with you and get this set up! This is a great project to reuse material that may not even be recyclable while promoting sustainability on campus. We can also hang up facts that students can read about climate change and how they can personally live a more sustainable life while creating a more sustainable campus. Email me if you’re interested!


  4. This is an awesome idea. This could be a new way to decorate the lecture centers or library. Have you thought of how you might round up these bottles? If you post pictures like the one you have here above a bin in the student center east, it could raise awareness for the project and people will remember and get excited about being able to contribute.


  5. I think this is my favorite idea yet. It is so simple and wont cost much at all, so UIC would be able to actually do it. I would love to be apart of this project, and work with you further. When I was younger, my school did something like this and it was very successful and everyone loved it. Not to mention that there are so many water bottles and plastic bottles that go to waste, it is an amazing proposal.


  6. I think this is a really good project proposal, my idea looked at finding ways to eliminate the use of plastic bottle use all together on campus and conserve water resources. However, I think this is a more feasible idea than mine both financially and economically in comparison to my project which would be a larger undertaking. I think if you could spread some campus wide awareness and place recycling bins across campus that would specifically be used for this project that this proposal could actually come to fruition.


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