The Greater Stuff Exchange

Project Title: The Greater Stuff Exchange

Considering the actions taken by UIC to reduce, reuse, and recycle, we still generate an enormous amount of waste on a daily basis-on or off campus; including many things that can be recycled or reused like clothes, furniture, appliances, and other supplies. Graduating students especially end up with a lot of stuff stuck on their hands they won’t need outside of college.  Although many of us probably do donate or sell our items, it would be much more beneficial for UIC if we could do it in a way to help fellow students. And even though The Great Stuff Exchange is a great step towards helping students reuse, it only provides a limited amount of things, like school supplies.

Project Description:

A student-run, on-campus thrift store would benefit students seeking cheaper alternatives or who want to be more environmentally friendly when buying something new; and prevent a ton of waste. Buying second hand is an important part of creating a  sustainable environment, and integrating that concept into our campus would be ideal for UIC.

When enough items are collected through donations, students and staff can buy or trade items from the store. Ideally, students would be able to sell more sought-after items as well, helping students make more money and bringing more valuable items to the store. Considering the recent craze in thrifting by average shoppers and sustainability enthusiasts alike, the project would probably attract a lot of people.

Budget & Funding:

This project doesn’t require very much funding-only enough money for a space on campus for the store to run. As well as 2-4 months to advertise the project and for enough items to be collected to start the business. If we start collecting donations now, especially when people clean out their dorms before winter break, we could start the business by next semester.


For more information on why an on-campus thrift store is a great idea:

A successful example of an on-campus thrift store:



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