UIC Shocks: Blog 1

Posted on September 10, 2016 by Timothy White

Our class objective is directed towards the growing issues in an urban campus to discover new sources that will create or improve upon the reponsible use of natural resources.  UIC by being located in a densely populated city as large as Chicago has the opportunity to be a leader through their sustainability commitments.  This is critical as the rates of consumption continue to grow at unmatched previous rates primarily due to the constant population growths in cities.  Planning for the future to ensure our future generations have enough natural resources on earth to sustain their needs for food, energy and social fulfillment is increasingly important.  Chicago continues to grow and the rate of consuption of it’s natural spaces are finally being recognized as a result of the determined efforts of grass roots groups such as Friends of the Parks who successfully defeated the cities plans to build a museum in honor of film creator George Lucas.

Project Title: Converting from Gas Powered Equipment

Project Timeline:  

  • 12-18 months to assimilate conversion of existing equipment or establishing purchase or lease contracts with vendor(s) within the parameters of the annual budget and sustainability grant program
  • Evaluate current inventory levels of equipment and levels of use based on operational parameters of battery life in units to perform tasks
  • Meet and train staff on use and operations of battery powered equipment

Ongoing:  The opportunity to reduce the overall campus carbon footprint

Project Description:  The immediate goal which would provide an instant reduction in air pollution, use of fossil fuels and increase the campus maintenance staff’s contribution towards lowering the universities carbon footprint.  The conversion from gas powered to electric powered mowers, edgers and blowers to maintain the grass/natural areas on campus  would make UIC one of only a few colleges in the midwest taking the lead n the use of current tehnology.  Since electricity can be generated through many sources (i.e. wind, water and sun capture) the use of battery powered equipment can remain viable far into the future.

References:   Course readings; http://cmsdata.iucn.org/downloads/iucn_future_of_sustainability.pdf


Image:  http://www.turfmagazine.com /content/TF/2015/02/A15740_4_full.jpg


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