Sustainable Street Fest

Project title: Sustainable Street Fest

Project timeline: 1 year of planning prior to the annual spring event (2017):
– Design of student organization application
– Selection of student org participants
– Campus- wide advertising
– Mapping of event

Project description:

Fast food or friendly food? After sharing customs, cultures and family meals with your classmates and colleagues, this decision will be much harder to make on a daily basis. Creating an annual Sustainable Street Fest will allow the UIC community to explore students of a variety of different foods from all over the world, thanks to our already diverse campus. This educational experience could, in turn, allow participants to learn and exchange different recipes which create an incentive to choose the sustainable, local alternative to fast food, which is a more damaging form of consumption. Each fall, several student organizations and cultural centers will be able sign up to present their chosen dishes and put them on display for campus in the spring. The event will allow participants to reflect on their personal identities as well as the community identity at large, promoting a more sustainable social environment, as well as a healthy one.

Preliminary Project Budget:

Roughly $1,000-$3,000 allocated towards each student group interested in participating in order to fund their food, decoration and advertisement needs.


Importance of community identity in sustainability:

Second- generation students developing identity through college festival:

Benefits of ethical consumption which contributes to cultural and ecological sustainability:



3 thoughts on “Sustainable Street Fest

  1. This a really creative idea that would help students learn to eat differently, and would definitely appeal to our diverse campus. I don’t know if $1000-$3000 per group would be neccessary though, couldn’t we do more of a campus wide bakesale/potluck and hand out recipe cards? What kind of system did you have in mind?


  2. I absolutely love this idea. Our campus is beautifully diverse and I think this is a great way to embrace that diversity. I love trying new, homemade, non-junk food and would gladly join you on this project. Since the Western culture is expanding rapidly, we are all losing touch with the healthy, natural, ethnic food that came before and I think that needs to change. I agree with the comment above, that $1000-$3000 for each group would be a little much. I am pretty sure we can manage on a smaller budget. Otherwise, I think this would be a wonderful learning experience for everyone.


  3. I love this idea as well! I think “locally grown” has become a buzzword lately, and this is a great way to capitalize on that and really educate the UIC community on the benefits of choosing locally grown options. Also providing information on the environmental impact of locally grown food versus food that travels hundred or even thousands of miles would be really important. I’m sure many other cultural student organizations on campus would love to get involved as well!


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