Cycling Towards Sustainability

Gym bicycles are among the most commonly used equipment that is used in a gym. To power them, a source of electricity is needed. But what if we did the exact opposite and used gym goers to generate electricity? The use of electricity generating bicycles in the university gym can be a great step to not only cut down energy use and cost, but to power other equipment as well.

Timeline: 2 weeks. This project will not take long because all that is needed is the delivery and set up of electricity generating gym bicycles.

Project Description:  I propose that the university purchases and installs 5 electricity generating gym bicycles from a company called Human Dynamo. They already have equipment being used in various green gyms. They charge $1950 per bicycle. Although the initial cost will be high, with the long lifetime of this equipment and the amount of electricity that can be generated, the payoff in the long run is substantial. The energy generated and stored can be used towards powering other equipment in the gym while motivating the user to pedal harder and faster.

Cost: Approximately $9750


5 thoughts on “Cycling Towards Sustainability

  1. I think this is a great idea to use bikes to generate energy but I am not sure if 5 bikes will be enough to generate the entire gym. What I am curious to see is how much electrical wiring would be needed to help power the entire gym and how much power does the each bike generates. In addition, to this I am curious about how many bikes have to be running to supply a sufficient amount of energy for the gym? I think this is important to think about because if only one bike is being used would the gym have enough energy to keep the lights on or if all the bikes are being used would they cause the circuits to blow out because of the amount of power running through. Furthermore, I liked your idea so much that I did some research myself and I posted a link below.


  2. In theory this is a great idea but after doing some research it appears that the cost of of this and actual output of energy isn’t the best. The energy being produce by this device is not that much. In an hour an average person in okay shape would be able to produce about 50 to 150 watts, which isn’t much. The energy produced could be used by the person to charge their phone while working out or to power other small things. I still think this is a great idea and maybe with future improvements it could be a very effective way generate energy on a bigger scale.


  3. I think this would be an excellent idea. Because it promotes good Health for cardiovascular disease . However I think it would be a good idea to collaborate with our organization to Great to participation.


  4. This can also be an educational tool. I didn’t know what a kilowatt hour really represented. But if someone were to get on one of these and start to see that they’re producing 60-120 watts in an hour of working out, I think they’ll have a better understanding of what energy is. Maybe they’ll open up their electric bill and see x amount of kilowatts used and be in shock because they just had an intense workout for an hour and only produced about 75 kilowatts! Maybe they’ll think twice about leaving the light switch on when they leave the room next time. I think educating the public on what a kilowatt hour represents along with the installation of these bikes would be impactful. Maybe have a little card posted on to the machine with information. I found this site to be very helpful answering that and how much electricity costs.


  5. Biking for power makes me think of the short film, “Pumzi”.
    Have you ever seen it? It’s pretty darn good. It “imagines a dystopian future 35 years after water wars have torn the world apart…”


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