Dual flush toilet and water less urinals



Project title: Sustainable rest room Flash duel flush toilet and waterless urinals.

Project timeline:  Timeline would be from November until May the ending of spring semester.

Project description:  Dual flush toilet and waterless urinal.  other universities is across the United States. Have research and benefited from the cost savings using sustainable bathroom equipment.  This Would be a three phase project. First phase would consist a survey that would be taken by students, faculty and staff. That Will be conducted fall of 2016 semester. This survey will help us to identify the most appropriate locations to start. The second phase would consist of finding a sustainable vendor and the installation of Approximately 12 to 20 units. The third phase would consist the recording data of how much water is saved the cost-effectiveness during spring semester 2017.

Preliminary cost: phase 1 no-cost. Phase 2 approximately $4500 to $6000 and Phase 3 no cost.


Reference : http://www.bu.edu/sustainability/what-were-doing/water/dual-flush-toilets/ https://www.sustainablerestroomproducts.com/news


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2 thoughts on “Dual flush toilet and water less urinals

  1. I like your idea of the dual-flush toilets for water conservation on campus. It’s interesting to me that UIC hasn’t implemented a system for it yet, because, as you pointed out, many other universities already have. I don’t know if surveying students and faculty really needs to be done to implement this plan, but I do agree that some sort of visual or data-driven survey would be helpful to determine which campus bathrooms use the highest amount of water. That would help the project determine a starting point for installation. This is definitely a project I would like to see happen at some point in the future.

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    • Thank you for your response. I welcome your collaboration. Let us communicate further .so that we can incorporate all the criteria. Why don’t we move forward and see what happens.

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