Goodbye to Plastic Bottles

Project Timeline: The project can start May 2017.


Project Description: Have you noticed at UIC the drinks you purchase are always in plastic bottles? Drinking out of plastic is harmful to you and the environment. On average, 67 million plastic bottles are thrown away each day. In plastic bottles, there are chemicals such as BPA that has been linked to serious health problems. We want to live a normal healthy life. My goal for the project is to get rid of all the plastic bottles on campus and replace the plastic with glass bottles. Glass can be reused and recycled. Glass can be recycled many times after its use. Glass doesn’t harm the environment or your body.


Budget: This is a low cost project. Once the glass bottles are bought, the price is determined by what the school wants to sell them for. It would be between $1-$3.



“Bottled Water Facts.” Ban the Bottle RSS. N.p., 2016. Web. 11 Sept. 2016.


Mercola. “Bottled Water and Its Health and Environmental Impact.” Dr. Mercola, 15 Jan. 2011. Web. 11 Sept. 2016.


2 thoughts on “Goodbye to Plastic Bottles

  1. Yes! I love it cause plastic is the worst. Have you ever seen the documentary “Bag It”? This movie is basically life-changing. If you’re interested in this stuff I highly recommend watching that movie, here’s a preview:
    It’s all about plastic; it talks about how plastic is detrimental to the environment along with scary health problems.
    Along with glass bottles, it’d be cool if UIC could ban plastic bottles and then promote “boxed bottles” for reaching our climate commitment “Net Zero Waste” since both boxed and glass bottles can be recycled.

    Here’s an article about a city that banned the plastic bottle:


  2. This a great idea! According to The Water Project, plastic water bottles take up to 1,000 years to biodegrade, and only 1 out of 5 plastic water bottles are actually recycled.
    Also, at first nay sayers will debate that glass bottles are heavier, and glass bottles can break easier. However, the change needs to happen in order to stop the plastic water bottles from ending up in our landfill. The low price of the glass bottles would definitely influence people to buy them.


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