Greenhouse for All


On Campus Greenhouse


  • 50 hours maximum build time


  • About $10,000 plus labor costs
  • Recycled barrels used as rain collection tanks: $300


A greenhouse would be located on the campus of UIC somewhere that is easily accessible to all parties who want to be involved. A viable space could be between the buildings SCE and SELE. Students would be the main participants in maintaining and planning what should be in the greenhouse. All produce created could be sold and distributed to students, faculty and public as an affordable source of food. The greenhouse itself would be about 13 x 17 feet in size. Chicago receives a decent amount of rainfall during the year and rain collection tanks fitted for the greenhouse would be an efficient way to recycle water and reduce water waste. Having a a greenhouse would create a sustainable source of food and educate people on the importance of sustainability in cities.


  • Volunteer opportunities for students
  • Educational benefits for students, faculty and public
  • Easy access to fresh food for students at reasonable prices
  • Creates incentive to buy organic produce
  • Can be used during all times of the year




Planning and Building a Greenhouse



8 thoughts on “Greenhouse for All

  1. It sounds interesting to me. It provides an opportunity for the student protect our environment and have a chance to touch with organic food. Meanwhile, the student may able to tastes the fresh food, healthy and make the university better. It also can be a site for other people to visit.


  2. A greenhouse would be a great idea. I realized that there is a greenhouse on campus already. It’s located on Halsted and Taylor; I think it belongs to UIC’s Department of Biological Sciences. I don’t know much about that greenhouse, but maybe you can reach out to them to inquire about what they have going on.
    You could possibly set up a partnership with them to get another one up and running.They would probably know of some ways to get students involved.


  3. I am interested in filling out an LOI with you to propose this project. I had this in mind for a sustainability fee project, so I’m glad to see someone else thought of it. There is a greenhouse on campus, but I don’t think it’s available to everyone. A UIC community greenhouse would be a great way to teach students about horticulture, and how to plant and grow veggies, fruit, and herbs, as well as informing them on nutritious diets. Student volunteers could also run a weekly or monthly farmers market, selling the food and herbs grown in the greenhouse.


  4. I would be willing to join you on this project. I was not even aware that there was a greenhouse on campus. I believe one thing most colleges lack is having enough greenhouses. Coming from someone who is interested in gardening and growing, I would love to see this play out. Greenhouses are more useful than people realize, especially in cities. Cities like Chicago do not have enough room and the proper environment to set up a farm or garden of sorts, so the best idea would be to build greenhouses. I also agree that this would be a great volunteer opportunity for students.


  5. As a simple start to a sustainable movement this is a great idea. I see a lot of people being interested in something like this, but with that begs the question, is it big enough? A 13×17′ greenhouse wouldn’t be able to fit much into it, you would have to do it on a much bigger scale to achieve a lot of the things you are mentioning (like using produce as a way to generate income for the campus). Also, how would you heat the greenhouse? This is another expense that you would have to think about when applying for a grant from UIC Sustainability Fee, because a greenhouse isn’t just usable on its own in the winter. The temperature inside the greenhouse has to be high enough to support plant life, and a 13×17′ greenhouse in the middle of a Chicago winter would not be left to its own devices.


  6. I love ideas that focus on not only making UIC more sustainable, but more green. Building a greenhouse on campus would be a great idea. With the establishment of a greenhouse, there can be many sustainable outcomes on top of producing food for UIC. We can start creating compost for the greenhouse, containers for the plants in the greenhouse, sustainable art to decorate the greenhouse, and much more. With many different ideas coming together for this greenhouse, a wider variety of students can become involved. A greenhouse would serve as a symbol of the sustainability efforts being made by the UIC community, and I think this idea should be funded!


  7. This is a good idea to have a green house in the campus because we can let students to learn more about the organic foods. There are many college students do not know about how to grow organic foods, so this may be a very good opportunity for students to learn more about it. Also, a greenhouse may attract more people to come to visit the UIC campus.


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