Move Out Recycling Event

Project Timeline:

  • Contact organizations where we will be recycling and donating
  • Promote event through UIC mass email, social media, and posters
  • Determine how many bins we need and where to place them
  • Organize transportation of goods to proper facilities

Project Description:

The objective of the Move Out Recycling Event is to minimize the number of useable goods in our landfills by reusing them within our campus community and donating them to nonprofit organizations within our city. This event will occur at the end of the year when students move out of their dorms and apartments. Outside the dorms, we will have separate bins for furniture, nonperishable foods, clothes, books, office supplies, and electronics. Students can come and choose which goods they would want for their own before we donate them to nonprofit organizations and food banks. The remaining goods will then be recycled at the proper facilities. This effort will reduce the waste in our environment, encourage social interaction on campus life and our surrounding neighborhoods, and bring business to our local nonprofit organizations.

Preliminary Project Budget:

  • $800 for assortment of bins large enough for furniture
  • $200 for transportation of goods



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