Recycled Art Competitions


     UIC is large and diverse with a variety of individuals. Many of these individuals are working together to form a sustainable environment on campus.  Despite differences among us, one common goal is to create a greener future for ourselves and future generations. There are efforts currently being made to make UIC more sustainable, but one issue that persists is waste.With thousands of students, it can be difficult to properly deal with all the waste and materials that accompany them. Paper, old school supplies, bottles, cans, plastic, and more items are improperly dealt with, resulting in an abundance of litter and excess materials. However, there is the possibility of creating recycled art for competitions among the student body, which could help alleviate the issue of waste. Whether one is an artist, environmentalist, athlete, book worm, or all of the above, they can make a contribution to this project to help develop a more sustainable campus.


Sustainable art is a way to positively influence UIC students and staff to recycle and reduce waste on campus. The beauty that can be created from these materials will spread awareness on this issue and inspire change. A competition with prizes would further motivate a wider range of students to participate. Students can participate by recycling for the artwork or creating it themselves. Participation in this project would be available among all grade levels of the student body, and allow one to use any recycled material of choice. By announcing these competitions publicly and online, those interested can take action. The creation of designated recycling areas for the use of artwork would result in an increase of recycling. Winners and runner-ups may receive small prizes. The winner of the competition can also have their art displayed somewhere on campus stating their name and materials used, serving as an inspiration and as a symbol of UIC’s actions being taken toward a more sustainable environment.


A year of planning would be necessary to finalize the locations, prizes, and materials needed for these competitions. The competitions could be announced as a new event Summer 2017 and could begin Fall 2017. It would be one competition per semester, with the results of the competitions announced on a negotiable date near finals week.

Preliminary Budget

This project would require minimal costs. Funds for recycling bins, advertisements, prizes, and the eventual recycled art showcase would be required. Other costs would not be financial, as spaces and time used for these competitions would have to be negotiated.


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9 thoughts on “Recycled Art Competitions

  1. I think this is a great idea-it would be nice to see more things on campus that are made by the students. This reminded me of my project which is collecting bottle caps to make park benches. Some may think that the bench itself is art, but it can be placed on campus for people to use.

    Park benches


  2. It also can communicate with other universities to practice in this project to reduce the cost and build a valuable, memorable product. The universities come together and match up.


  3. Love this creative idea for cutting down on recycled waste. There is so much you can do with old bottles, plastic, aluminum…this is a great way to get students to think about that. I think the winner and the runners up should have their art work displayed in the heritage garden and green spaces, rather than just the winner. It would be informative to have multiple pieces of recycled good artwork around campus, not to mention the artwork would add character to our campus. I definitely think this idea should be submitted as a sustainability fee project!


  4. This is a really beautiful idea, and definitely feasible. I would have to agree with the above comment as well in displaying all art submissions. Would it be possible to have a display day in the quad where the artists could be present with their sculptures? This could provide an even greater educational outreach as students could approach the artists and asks questions engaging with the art itself. Overall, this is a wonderful idea and I hope it receives the funding it deserves!


  5. I have seen a familiar idea to this. I have witness it myself at Mexico Morelia Michoacan. The project is similar as your idea. Students from a university will grab recycled items and make them into art. A new way of art and a new way of creating art. This is a great idea to do so at UIC. I wouldn’t mind helping you on it!

    Example of Recycled Art


  6. I would definitely be part of this competition. This fun project brings focus on the aspect of reusing something you don’t need anymore and creating something beautiful out of it. I’m sure this idea will attract many different people all around campus because it’s such an easy task. I also want to suggest we do this more often, like every month. That way we encourage more people to do it, more often; if anyone missed a chance one semester, they don’t have to wait till next semester to participate again. Projects shouldn’t be that big and extravagant or else some students might be intimated to enter and the point of this is to have a vast amount of students participating. Of course, people can go as big as they want with this, but it’s something that should be encouraged, not required. Putting a couple of the best on display, for all to see, is also another suggestion. Overall great idea, I love it!


  7. I love this idea! I think it would totally be cool to make art with things that can’t necessarily be recycled too, like various plastic material or styrofoam. I’m a part of EcoCampus and I would love to get members involved, I know eco-educators would dig this. We can make this an event to promote sustainability on campus and get more people involved, and this is a perfect education opportunity to teach our peers on how to lead sustainable lives while following our goal to UIC’s four Climate Commitments. I think we should work together and actually submit this, that would be amazing.


  8. A recycled art competition is a brilliant way to get students involved and simultaneously learn about the importance of recycling. I personally have been looking for ways to get involved art-wise on campus and would enjoy helping out with this project in any way possible. The amount of useful objects that can come out of recycled materials is endless, so maybe students could create usable art. If any help is needed I will definitely be there!


  9. This is a very good idea. A recycle art competition is a brilliant way for students to get involved, and this is a good way for students to learn about more of recycle. Also, students can make some new friends, who has the same interest, in the competition.


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