Divvys Divvys Divvys

Project Title: Divvys Divvys Divvys

Project Timeline: Can be done within 6 or less months, depending on who UIC talks to about cutting down prices and how much awareness they spread.

Project Description: Riding a bike is very healthy. It is one of the greenness transportation in the world. It produces no pollution and is a great way to work out.

If students have an annual membership with Divvy it means that it will shorten their trip across campus. Divvy is a great way to explore the city as well. Although we have ventra cards public transportation still pollutes and if more students rode Divvy’s there will be less buses along the routes thus less pollution. Divvy are also 24/7 and it makes it easier for students who live on campus to get around. If we had more Divvy sections, and the somehow get more students aware of the benefits it has on campus we could lower our carbon footprint. Furthermore, 75% of Divvy members use the bikes to get to and from a public train station which is good because they will be not using be a bus.

Furthermore, Divvy has a quick application process and all the membership cost is 75 dollars for a year and is basically $6.25 per month. According to Divvy.com “Divvy is a great worry-free and hassle-free affordable alternative to getting your own bike. Don’t worry about maintenance, storage or theft over winter break.” If that price is still too high for students, I propose that we use some of the sustainability fee to cut down on the membership price for some or all students. In addition to this I would propose that and awareness campaign for students would be seen on Campus because not that many students know of the Divvy membership and might use the divvy’s less since the Divvy cost 10 dollars a day for none Divvy riders. In addition, students would have unlimited rides and all they will have to do is dock it every 30 minutes. “No bike locks necessary. When you arrive at your destination…… wait for the green light, and walk away. Don’t worry about the hassles of storage, maintenance, or security,”- says Divvy.com

Preliminary Project Budget:. It could cost up to 2,000 dollars depending how much awareness is promoted on campus and convincing Divvy to build more stations on campus.


Sustainability Fee


4 thoughts on “Divvys Divvys Divvys

  1. I really like this idea of adding the divvy bike to our ventra cards. Its efficient to have both linked to the same card. It gives more transportation ways to students and helps them get around quicker. My question about this is, with the extra cost of the divvy membership, would that increase tuition cost.


  2. This is a challenging, yet interesting proposal. It is certainly eco-friendly to bike and increase biking; however, I would like to know how many UIC students currently use the Divvy bikes. It would not be useful to purchase these passes for UIC students if there is not a great need to use them. Divvy was not created specifically for this campus, so a greater partnership would have to take place in order to build more stations. Nonetheless, creating that relationship could be a great idea!


  3. Hi, chendra5 –

    I used to do a fair amount of bike advocacy work and I think your idea is pretty wonderful.
    I disagree, however, with the impetus to use Sustainability Fee Funds for this project for several reasons:

    A) Divvy passes are available to first time low-income members at $5 for the year through the Divvy for Everyone program: https://www.divvybikes.com/d4e
    I think many UIC students would meet the qualifications.

    B) If approached by the administration, I’m almost certain Divvy reps would come out and engage during orientation week(s).

    C) The Department of Transportation has received millions of dollars for DIivvy at the state and federal levels. I think it makes more sense to use their dollars than UIC’s.


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