UIC Boxed Water Initiative Project Description:

Project Description:

The processes involved in the consumption and manufacturing of bottled (plastic) water have proven to have very adverse affects on the environment, that is why the boxed water initiative could play a simple, yet major role in overhauling the campuses efficiency when it comes to sustainability efforts in regards to water consumption.

Project Timeline:

– 6 months to One Year – to overhaul UIC’s beverage/food contracts with current water distributors to switch to the Boxed Water Initiative. This would include finding ways to delineate and manage reasonable pricing and distribution throughout the campus.
– By the Fall 2017 term, all UIC food/beverage vendors would either be in the process or switched over to the Boxed Water vendor.
– This initiative would/could align with other campus wide movements around using reusable water bottles and more sustainable efforts when drinking water.

Project Budget: Estimated $1,000 dollars. The cost per box is slightly higher than per bottle of water so in order to make the purchasing of boxed water campus wide, efforts to decrease the price/cost point would need to be pursued (An uptick in cost would be assumed). In addition, the UIC Boxed Water initiative could work in accordance with the Retree project to plant trees around UIC’s campus; this would be done through UIC students posting their use of the Boxed Water brand and for every mention via social media the Retree Project would work with the University to replant trees across the campus. In theory not only would UIC rid itself of excessive water bottle waste, but it could promote further green efforts through partnering with the Retree Project.



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