Green Place

In the modern day, there are many children which do not know where our foods come from. In order to develop children’s knowledge about the foods, where it is coming from, and how it grows? The government or schools could provide more educational programs about organic foods. In order to achieve this plan, the city should provide more money to build gardens, so teachers could bring their students go to visits how the plants are growing. On one hand, a garden is also benefits to the human’s mind and body, impact the environment, increase property value and growing green. Garden is a good for human beings because it is a type of exercise. Which you have to moving around to grow the plants and putting water, etc. This is a good way to lose weight, this exercise is good to reduce stress, lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol, and decrease depression. Also, the garden can provide more green places in the city for people to relax. Garden can also produce more organic foods that everyone prefers to have organic foods to for their lunch/dinner. However, the organic foods are very expensive to buy in the supermarket, so people could eat healthier than before. Overall, the garden is providing a quality of life, great form of exercise, and great opportunity for children to learn about more nature.


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One thought on “Green Place

  1. I agree! I work at a shelter in Austin and just last week we had Cuties or tangerines for a snack and most of the kids do not even know what they were because they do not have much access to healthy foods. Children should most definitely be taught and introduced to more healthy foods!


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