More Divvys for Sustainability

Chicago has an efficient transportation system. The CTA provides the city with trains and buses that can take individuals anywhere in the city. This prevents many commuters from driving which helps decrease carbon emissions in the city. However, there is always room for improvement. If the city of Chicago increases bike friendliness, less people will need to drive as well as take trains and/or buses which require a large percentage of Chicago’s energy, as well as produce greenhouse gases through the burning of fossil fuels.

Divvy bikes have provided the city of Chicago an efficient and eco-friendly method of transportation. There are 536 Divvy stations in Chicago, which is a large amount and a great start. An increase in Divvy stations would increase their convenience which would then increase their use. Even with the hundreds of Divvy stations Chicago already has, there are still not enough bikes and available docks for all of the riders to use consistently each day. There are times when all of the bikes are taken at the station, so riders are unable to get one which can be inconvenient when another station isn’t nearby, especially when the riders are using the bikes to commute to work. If there are no bikes available at the station, riders will have to take the time to walk to the nearest station, which isn’t always close, in hopes that there will be an available bike there. In addition, at times there are no open docks at the station where people wish to dock the bike. When this is the case, riders must bike to the nearest station, thus walking a further distance to their final destination.

Twenty-one percent of greenhouse gases in Chicago come from transportation. Specifically, the burning of fossil fuels to operate cars, buses, and trains. An increase in Divvy stations and bike lanes would increase convenience and safety for students who bike to school, and those who use bicycles for commuting to and from work, as well as for recreational purposes. Improving and increasing bike lanes and Divvy stations would influence more people in Chicago to ride bicycles rather than using transportation that increases carbon emissions and energy use in Chicago, e.g. automobiles, buses, and trains.



https://www. divvy


One thought on “More Divvys for Sustainability

  1. I’d like to know how they choose where to place their bike stations and kiosks (their FAQs response is pretty boilerplate), although it’s nice to know that you can request a station be built in a certain location. It seems that Divvy was slightly advantageous in how quickly they expanded their service throughout the city, and therefore added to the disadvantage in some neighborhoods. However, it looks like they’ve taken steps to correct the issue now and have added more stations to make up for long stretches between docking throughout the city ( I think it’d be amazing to see more protection and support for cyclists from the city, including ticketing cars that park in bicycle lanes, ect., in order to build and foster a safer community for those who choose this healthier alternative of transportation.

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