Urban life affecting our health

The quality of air has a direct effect on the health of the people. In urban places, such as Chicago, the quality of air is very important because residents living there can be at risk for health problems due to unhealthy air. Air pollution can cause many health related problems including strokes, heart disease, lung cancer, and chronic and acute respiratory disease, like asthma. Increasing the quality of air by decreasing air pollution can help decrease the burden of these diseases on the residents of urban areas like Chicago.

According to the American Lung Association, Chicago’s air quality has gotten worse. Chicago got a grade of “F” for is air quality and it was ranked as the 21st most polluted city in the nation due to its ozone pollution. Air pollution is important to take into consideration because it affects the health of people and can cause them to miss work or school and can lead to hospitalization and premature death. Children are at risk for these disease because their lungs are still developing and being exposed to this environment puts them at greater risk for developing these diseases.

Improving the quality of air in Chicago should be a top priority considering its current ozone pollution rating.  The pollution in a city has a great effect on its residents and reducing it can help improve other problems in the city.

Ways to reduce air pollution are to conserve energy, use public transportation or carpool instead of driving your own car, walk or bike. Providing more recognition the information on this problem and ways to reduce air pollution is a great way to get more residents to be aware and to help contribute to the solution. Everyone who lives in Chicago is affected by this problem and it would be beneficial for everyone to participate and help improve to quality of air.

Currently Chicago is taking action to becoming more sustainable with its energy use. Chicago Transit Authorities are taking action in an effort to “reduce regional emission, improve energy efficiency, increase recycling and other practices in resource conservation.” Fifteen percent of CTA’s busses are hybrid buses, which have 20 percent greater fuel efficiency. Chicago has a Bike plan “to make bicycling an integral part of daily life in Chicago.” There is also an anti-idling law to reduce air pollution. Utilizing all of these great plans is a way for Chicago to become a more sustainable city and to help reduce the risk of health problems due to poor air quality.




2 thoughts on “Urban life affecting our health

  1. It is really a unique situation where the government and other community leaders choose to ignore the fact that human beings require quality sustenance to survive in this world. It is such a travesty to see options for transportation, availability and access as such huge barriers in todays modern society. People are still choosing race over all the options to determine how one can benefit from the plentiful resources this country has to offer and are doing so to deny this access. How disgraceful.


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