Urban Sustainability and Healthy Food

In the struggling community of Englewood located on the southside of Chicago there are many social and economic challenges facing the residents who strive to live, raise families and work in such a large urban area.  Unemployment is extremely high, schools are deteriorating and provide sub-standard instruction along with the fact that there are until recently no quality sources for healthy food to assist in our children’s development and also give the adults and seniors nutrition at a level which would deter health problems.  The city of Chicago’s leadership, which begins with the pawns referred to as aldermen have continually sacrificed the well being of residents in order to satisfy the wishes of the dictator referred to as a mayor.

In doing so many neighborhoods, including Englewood have been left behind while the well to do residents enjoy a plethora of choices to sustain their health through quality food resources provided by stores which stock organic and fresh produce, and other food options which do not destroy the human body but enrich it through foods which contain required nutrients.  It is a travesty to have to drive or take public transportation for miles outside of ones neighborhood in order to attain quality sustenance for ones family while others can simply exit their front door and access the same resources. This city is divide in every way between the haves and the have nots often catching the middle class citizens in the middle forcing them to leave their neighborhood to access quality food sources.

Where is it written that where one chooses to live dictates that they will have to suffer such consequences as to be placing their lives in danger unless they are willing to leave their community to eat.  The human body requires a unique balance of foods to function at it’s optimal level, stave off illness and to in general perform as deigned.  When these substantial nutrients are denied , or not available the suffering is magnified through the onset of illness.

The city administration is responsible for ensuring that all its citizens have equal access to proper nutrition options from clean water, lead free housing and yes fresh fruits and vegetables.  They should also be providing training and support resources to parents to assist them in providing these essential needs to the children of the city.  The school system, local vendors and grocery store owners and restaurants must all join forces with the city administration and health services departments to erase this stain on society in the USA and maybe even the world through cooperative efforts.  Community gardens that are locally created are not enough and the focus of roof top gardens in the heart of the city where most do not have access to its bounty fits in the same scenario.  Everyone deserves the access to quality food choices for health and prosperity both now and in the future.


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