Incite Focus- Inciting DIY building in Detroit

For my blog assignment, I choose to select a project called Incite Focus, which is “a world-recognized, state-of-the-art production and training lab focused on the relationships between digital fabrication, permaculture, experiential learning, and appropriate technology.” (Incite Focus, 2014) Incite Focus attempts to help the world by investing in permaculture, by using renewable or unused resources and training people to help use and maintain the world around them. Incite Focus is located inside a high school in Detroit, but has all the makings of a of a top notch fabrication facility, with “laser cutters, large CNC milling machines, a water jet cutter capable of cutting titanium and steel, and 3D printers that can print fully articulated mechanisms made of multiple materials.” (Piper, 2013) The organization is attempting to show poor Detroiters that they can produce their own environmentally friendly products if they try. As Detroit’s do it yourself sense of building continues to grow, Incite Focus can be a driving factor in showing people that you can reuse and rebuild with goods. The “Fab Lab” as it is called, is open and available to anyone. (Piper, 2013) Incite Focus also helps the community by investing in a community that will help pregnant and parenting teens, as well as having a “Creative Village” for training and development of younger kids. (Incite Focus, 2014) Incite Focus will attempt to help disenfranchised Detroiters to become part of the process to help reinvigorate their neighborhoods, and help to maintain our Earth.


Fab Lab Equipment mix

A look at Incite Focuses equipment

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