Blog #3: SINGAPORE-Managing extremely limited resources

Xochitl Rodriguez

US-130Gardens by the Bay Skywalk

Gardens by the Bay Supertrees

To many individuals, Singapore is known as the most successful city that implements various strict laws as to what is not permitted in order to keep the city clean and in order. The fact that Singapore manages its limited resources is what calls the attention. The city itself is too small for the 5.5 millions inhabitants that are resided, and as a result, one of their limiting resources is water. The city depends on the neighboring city Malaysia for its water.

However, to increase the amount of water they receive the concept of “supertree sculptures” , that are Standing between 25 and 50 m tall (80-160 ft), these tree-like structures are fitted with environmental technologies that mimic the functions of regular trees, such as solar photovoltaic systems were built in a park to collect rainwater. They add a nice visual to the city while also making it more sustainable by being covered in vegetation which will decrease the levels of co2. These “supertree sculptures” are enormous and have a good purpose in having the capacity to collect gallons of rainwater. They are successful in providing residents and the environment with clean fresh water; It takes away the stress of never having any water.


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