de Blasio’s One NYC Project:“New York City will be the most sustainable big city in the world and a global leader in the fight against climate change”

Mayor de Blasio’s One NYC plan centers itself at the crossroads of sustainability and equity, and seeks to conquer these challenges through technological innovation and social policy. De Blasio sees the environment as necessary in this conversation, especially as New York faces grave threats due to climate change, while foreseeing rising population and economic inequality.

I would argue the plan is an urban innovation in and of itself; it combines scores of initiatives under one vision to idealize and plan for what New York must do to move itself into the coming centuries.

To me, what marks the age we live in is access to information. This access to information defines our lives, we are in a position of privilege unlike any prior, when New York City was founded 400 years ago, an average citizen was not literate, book ownership not widespread, and an average person’s scope of knowledge was fractions of what it is today. In this regard OneNYC aims to increase the access to high speed internet in New York. The plan envisions this as a key to bringing a more equitable city—if each citizen is given equal opportunity to access to high speed information.

To offer this access to all New Yorkers, the city of New York will rely on investment in infrastructure as well as technological innovation to lower costs, increase access, an ensure reliability. This pursuit is striking to me, because I believe the internet is now being viewed as a public good, like libraries are considered, as powerful tools of information access and exchange. Fast internet is a way for the urban economy to court high end technological firms, expand present business districts, and integrate New York’s citizens more thoroughly in international exchange of ideas. The internet, its cost, its speed, are crucial components for city’s to consider as they innovate infrastructure for an increasingly economically concentrated world.


Goals outlined further:


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