foofsAmsterdam is already known as a one of the top sustainable food cities. However, they decided to go the extra mile they created the Foodlogica is an electric cargo bike that takes food throughout the city to restaurants, small business, and to people. It is important because it reduces pollution, emission, and congestion. It allows for affordability and efficiency of travel. It cost the equivalent of $16 per trip prices go up based on the number of stops.

Furthermore, from an economical perspective it is affordable for the consumer and doesn’t cause much to maintain it since it is electric. Consequently, when it comes to energy it doesn’t waste much energy since it is electric and it doesn’t take much to power it. Along with it providing food to different areas on route and efficient ways, while helping the environment by reducing pollution. It’s accessibility both location wise and economical make it socially equitable.Overall, Foodlogical is changing the way to deliver food and get food to everyone. This project is an exciting one that should be replicated in chicago, especially in food desserts.



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