Melbourne’s Urban Forest

With our extreme weather changes nowadays, we have been looking for ways to mitigate the effects of storms and the sea level in developing countries and coastal cities. Our typical response is to fortify the city in preparation for the next storm, but would we should be doing is targeting the source. Studies show that increasing a city’s green area by 10% could compensate for the temperature increase caused by climate change.[1] What the city of Melbourne, Australia has done is encourage its citizens to be aware of the effects of urban forestry. Through Melbourne’s Urban Forest Strategy, consisting of over 70,000 trees, l trees are tagged on a central database: citizens can adopt a tree, name it, track its growth and carbon offset and share this data through their social networks. Trees now cover 22% of Melbourne, a figure that will rise to 40% by 2040.[2]


By developing tools and processes for measuring the potential of trees to mitigate the effects of climate change, Melbourne is pursuing its sustainable development goals by becoming an eco-city and a knowledge city. To become an eco-city, Melbourne focuses on climate change impacts on the city to be managed. To become a knowledge city, Melbourne is continuing to develop new ways to gather and share information to support those whose innovations and developments underpin the growth of the city.[3]





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