Mobility-choose a way to protect the environment

I chose the project Sharing the city which provides a new way to improve air quality. Every city is finding a way to protect the environment and provide a clean and safe place for people. However, the products we use in daily that produce a lot of gas emission, and it seriously impacts to our lives. For example, every time we launch and drive our car to different places emissions a variety of gas. In addition, the gas emission creates pollution to the environment. Importantly, in the city, almost every family has at least one car. We can imagine that millions of people driving every day, and how much gas emission in a day. You can’t even think of that.

However, transportation is one of the ways to proven this situation. According to “Sharing the City,” it emphasizes the importance of mobility and how it can protect the environment. Mobility which the options that we travel around the city. For instance, we can walk, bike, or take public transportation go to the destination that we want. In present, the city offers a public bicycle and transportation for people. As the outcome of this project, it encourages and helps more people to walk, cycle, and use public transportation improve air quality, optimize the flow of traffic, and improve the health of people.




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