A whole new Sustainable World

Sydney, Australia is having an opening of a new green public housing complex. The city of Sydney goal was to provide housing for the citizens within the city who were facing poverty by using sustainable methods. According to centralparksydney.com, the city did not build or create the development to keep up with the latest green technology but to “create environments that stand the test of time, and neighborhoods that fulfil their desire to live.” As a result, they created the housing with being green in mind. For example, they used sustainable materials when building the complex, they designed the complex to use solar energy and natural gas. Furthermore, they designed the complex to harvest any rain water collected by the building so that it could be used for toilet water and communal gardens. In addition, the toilet water (sewage) and communal garden water will be also recycled and water will also be collected in other ways such as “storm water from impermeable surfaces, and groundwater from the basement drainage systems.” In addition, they had the best green developers create a tri-generator in which heats, cools, provides water, and reuses excess water left over. As result, the project has gotten 5 green stars and received the Green Building Council of Australia award.

Lastly, the role that the urban innovation project has for the city’s sustainable development goals is to improve the lives of people of their people and to make sure that the quality of life that their people receive is healthy. For example, they have also designed an underground car parking lot and secured parking for people who own bikes to encourage a healthier life style. The city of Sydney is trying to create the most efficient and cost effective life style for people living in their public housing.








One thought on “A whole new Sustainable World

  1. America could really learn from other countries such as Australia, in this case, for improvements to sustainability in cities. If more buildings were designed and built with these environmentally friendly materials and innovations, we would most likely see a significant improvement in energy use, conserving resources such as electricity and water. It’s a shame more tax dollars aren’t used for more of these ideas.
    If we want to conserve a significant amount of energy we should be using more money to purchase objects such as solar panels and rain collectors to more infrastructure, like this housing project. Priorities are backwards unfortunately, climate change and sustaining resources isn’t top of the list because of the issue is not putting us in danger now…however in order to properly sustain and conserve our resources, we must start now to be ready for the future, rather than wait until it’s already too late…it is uplifting to see other countries taking notice of the issue and preparing for the future threat of depleting resources, by constructing innovative infrastructure such as this housing project. Hopefully as time goes on more countries and cities around the globe will catch on…


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