Array of Things-Chicago

Array of Things is an “urban sensing project, a network of interactive, modular sensor boxes.” These boxes, are currently being incorporated into the city of Chicago, where they “measure factors that impact livability in Chicago such as climate, air quality, and noise.” So, the role that the Array of Things project has in Chicago’s sustainable development goals is the data-collector for urban planners, researchers, and the residents. Using this data, we can examine trends and patterns in the city of Chicago at any given time. With the information that the Array of Things collects, the city of Chicago can better evaluate what factors affect the quality of life in a city. For example, these sensor boxes could have collected data on rider frequency on CTA lines after the Chicago Cubs won the world series. Using this information, the CTA can better understand the capacity of their trains and stations, and determine if improvements need to be made to prepare for another densely populated event like the celebration. Also, if residents in Chicago wanted to know the congestion and flow of traffic after the world series, then they would have access to this information via Array of Things. In regards to sustainability, these sensor boxes can provide Chicago with “real-time” data on air quality, traffic, climate, and pedestrian congestion from which patterns can be detected and dealt with through city implements. Additionally, this urban innovation project can provide the city of Chicago with necessary information to develop into the “smart city” model which promotes efficiency and sustainability.


2 thoughts on “Array of Things-Chicago

  1. I think that this is a great idea because having this data can really improve the way things are done. Having data about traffic flow could really help people commute more efficiently. I did some research on improving water usage by adding sensors to pipes and monitoring data. Implementing the sensors help to fix leaks and reduce water waste.


  2. This was one of the things I was most curious about when the Cubs won. I wondered, how many people truly packed onto the L? How much revenue was made? My only concern would be regarding who gets to own this data. While it could project many useful things, it could also be a major political issue. I would love for this to be in the hands of government if we all collectively agreed that the government needs to impose their ownership of this data for the betterment of the people.


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