Inside Out

A new kind of office building is to be constructed in Lyon, France. This structure will have and “inside-out” layout that will move the walking paths to the outside of the building when they would normally be within. In addition to a unique layout the architects of the firm, Nicolas Laisné Associés, will also incorporate terraces and an abundance of green space throughout.


France is working on a variety of sustainable development goals and this building will help improve on a few of them. First health is a major priority and this building will improve the employees well-being because they will be surrounded by green space. Compared to a normal office building, the design should also help increase productivity because of the natural environment.

This inside out office building will be a part of France’s goal to have more sustainable cities and communities. The building itself will “adhere to the environmental recommendations presented in the Reference Framework for the CRQE (environmental quality for development and construction) set out by the EPA.”

Although construction has not yet begun and is expected to begin in 2018, this type of office space appears to be a promising new space to work. The building itself was designed to have the environment, health, and energy in mind. The work space will promote social equity and is meant to be cost-friendly so it can be replicated throughout the world.





5 thoughts on “Inside Out

  1. I love this idea! This will offer a good opportunity for office staff to have a little distraction and connection with the outside beauty, relieving some stress from the everyday hustle.


  2. This idea is efficient, environmentally-friendly and aesthetically appealing. I think that current buildings could incorporate ideas like this and include gardens or greenery of their own. Places such as malls could definitely utilize their space well. An example that always comes to mind is the Student Services Building on campus. It used to be a mall and was transformed for university purposes and wisely incorporates greenery inside.


  3. I do love the idea, however I would think that the outdoor vibe would actually be too much of a distraction to workers! I would also have concerns about how wet weather and cold winters/hot summers would affect the work environment of the workers.. would this end up generating higher utility costs?


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