Smart Pipes

“Smart Pipes” is a system of adding sensors to water pipes. These sensors are capable of monitoring water flow and gathering other important data like pipe pressure, flow rate, water quality and backflow. Many different companies around the world are implementing these sensory systems into water pipes to help prevent water lost and to gather data about the water. There are three main steps implemented into this program. The water sensory system is used as a water loss control program. First there is a water audit to quantify and pinpoint water loss in a pipe system. Then based on those audit findings, an intervention plan is made to reduce and eliminate water loss. The final step is to evaluate the success if their intervention to see if it is beneficial.

Alberta, Canada implemented this strategy in hope of reducing their water consumption in the town of Olds. The water audit found that 39% of the water supply was unaccounted for.  Within six months, 21 leaks were repaired, and that recovered about 287,691 cubic meters of water at revenue savings of $177,336. This reduced the water loss from 39% to 29%.

Overall this water sensory system can help with better monitoring and management of water. The additional data collected by the sensors could be very beneficial in determining water quality and water use patters. This system can help the environment by reducing water loss, help the economy because it saves people money when they save water, and it has the potential to help improve water quality to ensure better health for people.


2 thoughts on “Smart Pipes

  1. Great blog post! There are efforts in Chicago where meters are being installed to track water usage. The MeterSave program gives single family homes a meter to monitor water usage and helps cut down water bills. This gives the city gov. data on water usage and also gives residents the opportunity to monitor their own usage so that they can conserve more.


  2. Sensors in water pipe systems seem like a really good idea to track the in and out of water, since water is such a precious resource. It would also have the ability to track when an area is predicted to overflow or flood. This innovative technology can draw attention to a specific problem so that it can be fixed before it becomes a major issue. It allows researchers to figure out where the majority of water is being used. This system should definitely be implemented in the US as it would be greatly beneficial.


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