Solar Energy in Spain


Renewable Energies have always caught my interest, specifically solar power. In Spain, they are known for their renewable energies, and one specifically, solar. Located in the deserts of Spain, Spain’s Solar project is one of the top world producers of solar cells for the past decade. At the new Valencia factory in Spain, the company has grown to 14 Millions Watts of annual capacity and will soon expand to 30 Million Watts. The government in Spain is committed to advancing this ‘Solar Sector’ and Spanish companies and research institutions plan to continue to be at the “forefront of the growing global field.”

This project is all around Spain, and not just in the deserts of Spain. People all around are implementing these solar panels throughout many cities and suburbs, specifically, Barcelona. Barcelona was the first European city to require solar water heaters be installed in all new buildings and renovations. This led to Barcelona’s carbon intensity of its electricity to be reduced by about 30%. Barcelona’s successful model has been replicated by over 70 Spanish municipalities introducing smaller regulations.

Renewable Energy is essential in a country like Spain because the population is large, and they need to utilize their energy better. With growing rates in demand for electricity, Spain has introduced solar energy, utilizing the hot, sun rays that Spain attracts. Solar power is an effective way to gain electrical energy by using what we have and the only issue would have to be energy storage. I think if cities move more towards a sustainable life, then the issues we have with renewable energies would be addressed more often and we could be working together to find a solution.

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