Solar Panels in Munich

The city of Munich, Germany is a leading innovator in using solar panels for a source of their energy. According to Germany has 35 gigawatts of installed solar capacity which accumulates about 7 percent of nation’s wholesale generation. According to that same website they could get to 52 gigawatts installed in the near future. According to the city has a plan to be 100 percent renewable energy for households by 2015 and for all users by 2025. Having solar panels as their main source of energy for a whole city is a very ambitious goal but it seems like they are trying their hardest to achieve that goal. Solar panels are their main way to get to their goal using the energy from the sun to power their city could inspire other cities around the world to do this. Solar panels are a great renewable energy source and if a city like Munich, Germany any city can do it. According to the World Future Council Munich has already reached 17 percent mark for renewable energy which is about 140,000 households in that city. Munich,Germany is a leading innovator of using renewable energy and hopefully in the near future other cities follow suit.



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