Zurich’s Successful Transportation System

According to the index of sustainable cities reported by Arcadis, Zurich is the most sustainable city in the world at this time. This sustainable index is based on social, environmental, and economic factors.

Zurich has become especially known for its highly sustainable transportation system. On the city’s busiest streets trams (trains) have taken over the majority of street space. The city has implemented policies to significantly cut down on cars. They have prohibited the making of more parking spaces; for every new parking space, one needs to be taken away. Therefore, the amount of parking space does not increase, it just gets moved around. Streets also have sensors which are connected to street lights. The sensors take note of how many cars are in an area and depending on that amount streetlights may stop cars from entering the city so that there is never any car traffic. Zurich has made public transportation extremely accessible from all parts of the city, wait times are short, and rides are clean and enjoyable. Because of this well implemented transit system, only 50 percent of people in Zurich use cars to get around. The city also has many forms of public transportation such as trams, trolleys, busses, ferries. Over the past few years there has been an increase in people riding the trains and biking and a decrease in the number of cars in the city.

The city’s is working to increase the number of bikers by creating safe, designated bike lanes that don’t overlap with trains, buses, and car paths.






One thought on “Zurich’s Successful Transportation System

  1. I guess I know where I’m moving to now! This is really cool to see, and I especially like the part about limiting the number of vehicles in the city to eliminate traffic, as well as parking spaces being moved around but never added to. Eliminating cars in cities is something I would like to see Chicago and other US cities start to do/look at (I may be waiting a very long time for that though), and now that there are other models in cities like Zurich, there’s really no excuse for them anymore. Thanks for the info!


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