Battling Food Deserts

In the city  of Chicago as there exists in all urban environmentspeople suffer in silence for the lack of regular access to quality foods sources which can support their health and that of their children.  Healthy diets have contributed to the physical development of human beiings since our existence came about and is essential to our survival.  However, this simple resource has had and continues to play a significant role in society worldwide.  Children and elderly persons are particularly affected by the lack of proper nutrition for their developing and aging bodies.

There are some grass root organizations making a difference in large urban areas and their appears to be some movement by the city directors to finally acknowledge this area of concern for many residents.  An example is the recent establishment of high end grocery stores which have been placed within low income communities boundaries and provide a new never before seen access to quality food sources for those residents.  Whole Foods and Marianos have each ventured into areas of Chicago which were the prime examples of true food deserts and each of the store have been opened with a flurry of optimism, acceptance and are operating at full capacity as the residents explore this new experience.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel has been instrumental in allowing his administration to reach further into local communities and contact residents to offer them access to resources prviously unattainable without traveling vast dstances to other communities of the city.  The Englewood community which recently recieved a Whole Foods grocery store and a Chipotle’s restaurant along with a Starbucks coffee shop and other resources has shown that even  the low income residents through access can and will utilize access to proper nutrition sources.  These new businesses have been flooded with people since their recent openings and remain busy with customers now for over a month of operation.  The Mariano’s located on the former CHA Ida B. Wells homes land (Bronzeville Community) on the near southeast side of the city which is a substantailly large store has also remained full of patrons seeking to access the new offerings of nutritionally viable food sources.


Mariano’s New Store Openings 2016 – Bing

  1.’s New Store Openings 2016 – Bing

    2. Whole Foods New Store Openings 2016 – Bing
      1. Foods New Store Openings 2016 – Bing


4 thoughts on “Battling Food Deserts

  1. One can say that living in poverty correlates to food deserts.There is that boundary that if you can’t afford organic foods from marianos/whole foods. However, if more and more of these stores are being built that would mean that job positions are available, in a sense giving those who want a healthy way of eating a chance to work and buy organic goods


  2. There is a sustainable need for both positions, healthy foods to sustain better life styles and jobs to support ones family or self in the many neighborhoods surrounding Chicago. It has been allowed for far too long that waste, and low nutrient based foods have been available primarily in low income neighborhoods and the residents have suffer with poor health as a direct result.


  3. Food deserts are an issue many neighborhoods face not only in Chicago, but in other cities as well. It is true that these food deserts correlate with unhealthy diets. By establishing healthy new food options in these neighborhoods, it will make a difference in the lives of their residents. Surrounding communities can work towards healthier lifestyles while acquiring jobs that these new establishments bring.


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