Food that Floats


New York is an alluring state in the northeastern side of America. New York is adding a new urban innovation project to the public. The project “Swale” contains an average of 130×40 foot barge that carries fresh greens to the public. People around New York will have access to Swale because it will be dock at Brooklyn Bridge Park and moving towards Bronx. Swale contains trees, blueberries, kale, rosemary, and more. The role of Swale is to give people easy access to food. The unique part is it is on a barge! The barge itself will give the plants sunlight and rain that is all natural. Hopefully, this idea of the Swale can give many other cities or states by doing the same thing. The sustainable outcomes of this project are the following- giving people access to fresh fruits and will give a message to other cities. The project will address the environment by being green friendly and the economy by saving up the energy of a real grocery store and giving out healthy foods to the people. Swale is a urban innovation project in New York that helps out the environment and the economy. Swale can give out the idea to many other people to plant plants in their backyard and being sustainable. We can all learn new ideas of contributing to Earth.


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5 thoughts on “Food that Floats

  1. I really enjoy the idea of introducing fresh fruits and vegetables etc. to an urban environment such as New York City. While this would have its economical benefits, the use of a barge to carry these items is extremely damaging and wasteful. The amount of fuel and the exhaust of the barge are detrimental to the air quality and water quality. I would also be curious to know the price people pay for these items off the barge from Swale. I do believe urban agriculture and access to it is important and needed. However, I do not believe this method to be very effective or sustainable.


  2. This is a very cool and unique idea! Citizens throughout New York City will have easier access to healthier food and in turn make them more health conscious as a whole. I am curious to know if the barge moving from place to place is more environmentally friendly than citizens just traveling to their communities’ farmers market. For the people who cannot easily commute to a community area in which fresh food is sold, than I would see how this would be a viable option. Overall this is a very interesting idea and looks awesome.


  3. This project is really unique and does the job of trying to produce organic goods. However, wouldn’t it be challenging to economically maintain the way that the barge is being transported? I am assuming that some sort of fossil fuel is being burned down too, which wouldn’t really be sustainable.


  4. I find this a brilliant and fun idea. Especially for a city like New York, it can be difficult to find/have easy access to fresh, organic food. I agree with the comment above that the use of a barge is not environmentally friendly. Perhaps making the barge more energy efficient or using another means of transportation could work. Regardless, I think it is a unique idea that more cities, especially in Asia, could utilize.


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