The best way to save energy and protect the environment !

As our urban ranges develop at exceptional rates, the cities leaders are being confronted with a genuine challenge for the personal satisfaction of the living environment. Modernization of living getting more and more convenient, but also consumes a lot of resources, energy, bringing too much pollutant emissions and causing great pressure to the environment. Cities domestic sewage discharge has exceeded industrial wastewater discharge, the rapid increase in the number of motor vehicles, resulting in increasingly serious exhaust pollution. However, the renewable energy can bring huge environment benefits and economic benefits with the improving of living.

Most of the country start processing and shifting energy use from fossil fuels to solar, such as the solar panel. In this project, Photovoltaic devices are used to generate electricity directly from sunlight. Somehow, electrons in these materials are liberated by sun oriented vitality and can be prompted to go through an electrical circuit, controlling electrical gadgets or sending power to the lattice. PV devices can be used to power anything from homes use energy to large commercial. Thus, it helps to save a lot of energy and money. The energy use for business is huge. However, PV devices can help either the national and urban politics to save a certain amount of money each year. The PV effect was observed as early as 1839 by Alexandre Edmund Becquerel. In 1954, U.S introduced the solar PV device that produced usable energy. And in 1958, the PV device being used in different application such as commercial and home. Now, the PV device uses rapidly increase in the past decade. Overall, solar, renewable energy is useful and helpful for the environment which improving life quality.

Brightergy - JE Dunn Construction Project

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One thought on “The best way to save energy and protect the environment !

  1. I agree with you that solar panel is very useful and helpful, but what if there will have no sun coming out for days. How is the solar energy would work? Also, solar energy is kind the expensive to buy as well.


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