Blog Post 4: Waste in Chicago

One environmental policy that is implemented in the city of Chicago is illegal dumping also called “fly dumping”.According to  illegal dumping is when you dump trash on public or private property without a permit from the Department of Public Health. The items that are usually dumped that is considered for this policy are; tires, old furniture, household garbage, construction debris, appliances, yard waste, and hazardous waste. The city reasoning for doing this according to the “illegal dumping endangers public health and can decrese surronding property values. Discarded tires and other waste materials capture and hold rainwater.” That water is a breeding ground for mosquitos and those mosquitos could carry viruses. What caused this policy to be put in place was the number of illegal trash that were on the streets of Chicago, most known as littering. The purpose of this policy is just to keep the city as clean as possible and as beautiful as possible. There is also a statewide law against illegal dumping. According to section 21 of the illinois Enviornmental Protection Act prohibits the open dumping of waste. It is good that the whole state of Illinois is putting in laws that will hopefully reduce the waste that are on streets throughout the state.



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