Chicago’s Slam Dunk on Littering

slam-dunkAll around the world, there are rules and regulations on littering so that we can keep our earth clean and sustainable. Chicago has taken a huge stance on this, and started to address some of its littering problems. One thing they started doing for a summer was put backboards on trash cans. This project started when a couple of interns at the advertising agency of Cramer-Krasselt partnered with the Chicago Park District and devised a plan to prevent litter at the beach. I mean who wants to step on beer cans, or cigarette butts while trying to walk on the soft, warm sand?

According to Jessica Maxey-Faulkner from the Chicago Park District, it costs them $4 million a year to pick up litter at beaches and park throughout the city. They believed that if they turned throwing garbage out and recycling into a game, that more people would be bound to do it. It was believed that the backboards would bring awareness of the cans and bins and be more encouraging for people to use them.

The purpose of this project, and the garbage cans specifically, is to encourage people to throw away and recycle their trash. A couple years back, even sometimes now, you use to see a lot of garbage on the beaches and the city would have to clean all of it up. If it was not cleaned up, trash would accumulate on the beach, and get into the water. This was a dangerous hazard to wildlife that is in the city, like fish and birds. This campaign started in order to keep our city clean, safe, and more sustainable.

This regulation is new and was only out for the summer of 2016, but they are voting whether to keep it. If they decided to keep this simple, yet effective, way of throwing trash out, then it could completely change the game of throwing trash out, and ultimately make a huge difference.



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