CPS Energy Initiative

There are over 600 schools in the Chicago area, which amounts to a large quantity of energy consumption. Chicago now has a Energy Shared Savings plan which allows CPS schools to conserve energy and earn money while doing so. It is usually thought that only companies and businesses are eligible to receive benefits when an effort is made to be environmentally conscious. The purpose behind this plan is so all parties throughout the city can now be involved in making Chicago a more efficient and environmentally friendly place to live.

The way schools can earn money through energy conservation is to “reduce consumption 5 percent or more from a 3-year weatherized baseline.”(EDF Cimate Corps Fellow). For every kilowatt-hour of electricity that is saved a school will revceive 4 cents, while every therm of natural gas saved 10 cents will be awarded.

CPS-Logo_Blue_288x153.png     In the year 2012 alone only 141 schools participated in this initiative and saved over 500,000 dollars. This plan has been very effective in demonstrating how CPS schools can make a difference without affecting their learning environment. Earning money by saving money is an excellent incentive to get all schools involved and educate their students on why it is important.

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3 thoughts on “CPS Energy Initiative

  1. This energy initiative is a great idea because while the schools are getting rewarded for saving energy, the students attending these schools will also be learning about the importance of energy conservation. I think that more schools should that part of this energy initiative so that people can really be aware of how much of an impact schools can have in helping a city become more sustainable.


  2. This is a great idea for the schools because its bringing awareness that saving energy is important and its also rewarding. With doing one thing, its bringing the city to be more sustainable.


  3. The thing that stood out to me the most was the potential for education. Sure it’s great the the schools are saving money but if they could also be teaching their students about energy usage and sustainability that’s awesome. Growing up we learned about recycling and truning off the lights to save the environment, students could see how their school and city are taking action to do the same.


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