Greener Building


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Chicago encourages green living.  As a result, Chicago created Green Building permits in which gives incentives for developers to build more green. With these green building permits, they had ordinances for people to follow, in order, to make sure the housing or structure was built to be green.

Furthermore, the issue that caused this ordinance to be put into place is the amount of carbon emission that Chicago was expelling. Chicago wanted to address the climate change that was going on within the world and decided to take a step further.  Chicago scientists found that over 70 percent of the greenhouse gasses were coming from energy being produced as a byproduct from the construction of buildings.  So thus, to address climate change in the city they prioritize making both new and existing building more green.

 Furthermore, the people who have this plan would receive 25,000 dollars reduced in code fees and/or taxes. In addition, in conjunction with the green building permits is the green housing program. According,” the Green Homes Program awards builders and developers a point-system incentive for using green materials and technologies in the construction of new units, including energy star certification. These guidelines help homeowners save hundreds of dollars on their energy bills. The Historic Chicago Bungalow Initiative offers grants to homeowners for conversion to energy efficient heating, cooling and insulation systems, allowing homeowners to realize hundreds of dollars in savings each year.”

Unfortunately, the Green Homes Program and the Green Building permits has not been as successful as it should. It only has 250 buildings and 400 green roof tops.


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