recyclingThe City of Chicago has to manage waste collection for about 600,000 households; not always an easy task. To put this idea in basic terms, Chicago’s waste management was garbage. Chicago was considered one of the most unsanitary cities, with all its debris and polluted areas. It was necessary to take action. Fortunately, Chicago has gradually changed that and has stepped towards a cleaner future. “In the spring of 2012, Mayor Rahm Emanuel announced all eligible households would receive the Blue Cart Recycling program by the end of 2013.”  By 2014, the plan was striving towards success. To be eligible, individuals had to “live in the city of Chicago and in a single-family home, 2-flat, 3-flat or 4-flat building.” They have also added the option of receiving additional blue bins at no cost. Sometimes it might take a while to get the bin delivered to your house, but hey at least it’s free.

Since then they have “expanded curbside residential recycling to 400,000 new households, completing citywide service roll-out and launched new recycling education,” “adopted a new composting ordinance to support urban agriculture”, and “implemented grid-based garbage pickup to improve service, reduce cost, and save fuel.” Apart from those successful projects, they have done great work on reusing city infrastructure and promoting a bagless city. In addition to the blue recycle bins, earlier this year, the City of Chicago has added a garbage fee of $9.50. Talk about pushing us towards recycling more!




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