The Environmental Law & Policy Center-Pollution

  1. What is the purpose and what issues prompted the rule to be put into effect in the first place?

The Environmental Law & Policy Center’s purpose is to “protect the Midwest’s environment and natural heritage”(ELPC). The issues that prompted the rule or efforts to be put into effect in the first place were the significant amounts of carbon pollution in the area. Specifically, “energy generation and transportation” have been major contributors to why the ELPC has created programs like “Clean Air, Clean Transportation, and Clean Energy.” Clean Air is their response to coal plants emitting large amounts of polluting CO2. For example, they advocate for the “forcing of clean up or shut down of thousands of megawatts of Midwest coal plants.” This is important because it combats the “#1 source of climate change pollution in the Midwest”(ELPC). Also, Clean Transportation is being implemented to “reduce pollution while increasing mobility, spurring economic developments and creating jobs.” The ELPC’s main solution to this would be a high-speed rail network in the Midwest to reduce carbon emissions.

4) How do urban and national politics intersect around this environmental issue?

Urban and national politics intersects around these environmental issues being faced by the Environmental Law & Policy Center since the pollution would detrimentally affect the health and well-being of the people in the Midwest, and in this case, Chicago. It is crucial that we reduce pollution and the ELPC is starting this by “squeezing out Midwest coal plants and thus reducing a major aspect of CO2 emissions.” Lastly, there are many concerns about how the near future of national politics will respond to the significance and existence of pollution in not only the Midwest and Chicago, but our nation as well.


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