The Future of Federally Regulated Climate Change

Due to the recent election outcome, many fear that the US climate regulation will soon come to a halt. Along with 190+ countries, the US is part of the Paris climate agreement in which these countries commit to reduce their emissions of carbon dioxide (a ‘planet-warming’ pollutant). As of now there are basic federal regulations on climate change as well as separate regulations by each state individually. Because each state has a different geographical location and resources, they have varying needs when it comes to state regulations. Indiana for example relies heavily on coal for production and consumption; therefore they would have little to no regulation on coal because it is so necessary to their economy and the livelihood of many families.

The climate policies that that been implemented by the president could possibly become undone. Climate change regulations were just starting to become controlled more strongly by the federal government. Although some states are not in favor of the government having such a strong grip on regulations, it will be greatly beneficial on a global scale, especially since the US is one of the leading emitters of fossil fuels. If the president elect does what he had promised, the EPA will be no more and that job market will most likely fall. Not to mention the world climate will continue to tip the scale in a negative direction.

Enforcing EPA Regulations

State vs Federal Regulation

Trump May Put Climate Change in the ‘Danger Zone’


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