Yard Waste


The city of Chicago has a policy during spring and fall where one can pick up their leaves, but you can call the city to get them for you at no cost. The leaves collect by the city are turned into compost. The reason why the policy was put into effect because the leaves can help reduce the amount of waste the landfills get on the daily basis. Chicago residents can call 311 for the Department of Streets and Sanitation to pick up their yard waste. The yard waste collection begins from October 17 and through out November 30. Also, collecting yard waste prevents drains from being flooded with water.

The history of the yard waste collection has grown over the years. Many residents are being involved with the policy. Everyone can participate in the yard waste pick up. Local schools and Chicago park districts participate too. Sewers are becoming more durable by having yard waste in the pipes. The yard waste is accountable for an average of 15-20% of landfill space. Many people in the communities are not informed about the Yard Waste Pick Up. When people are not informed about this, they just throw away their leaves in the garbage bins and add more landfill space. The city should inform residents so we can all help.




4 thoughts on “Yard Waste

  1. Wow, I actually had no idea this was a thing. I’m going to inform my dad about it! We always end up with huge garbage bags full of leaves and it never occurred to me that we can use them for something other than trash.


  2. I was not aware of this. I always thought that when it was street cleaning days that it would mean for us to pick up the leaves and put them on the streets so the trucks could come around a pick up the trash. So in my opinion, more people need to be educated on the free resources Chicago has to offer.

    Here is some additional info on leaf compost:



  3. I know many people who can use this to their benefit! Many households in my neighborhood throw away yard waste in alleys, which get picked up by sanitation workers and taken to landfills. If more people were informed about this, it could benefit the city on a greater scale. Maybe the organization that gathers the yard waste in the fall can expand it to a year-round, or spring through fall thing, where the city picks it up weekly or something because yard waste is still prevalent in the spring and summer in many neighborhoods across the city.


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