Smart Water

When looking at the conservation of resources often times the first step is tracking usage. With electricity we have seen the use of Smart meters to track consumer usage of electricity, using a similar concept the City of Chicago offers the Meter Save program to track water usage. The program, offered to homeowners whose home is not yet metered, aims to gauge water consumption more accurately to provide a bill that reflects the usage of the customer while also providing information on usage habits. Much like the Smart Meter for our electrical consumption the Meter Save program looks to modernize the way we look at water distribution and consumption. The meter will allow for water usage data stored for up to two years, a more accurate bill, and the meter transmits your usage remotely so there is no need for meter readers.

Water is definitely a large part of what makes Chicago a great city and it is nice to see that the city is taking action in conserving a resource that often times is seen as endless in our city. Being located next to Lake Michigan and having a river run through the heart of the city it’s easy to forget that some places in the United States have water shortages. Unlike these regions that have had extreme stress on their water reserves and have had to put stringent regulations on water usage, Chicago is taking steps toward creating a consumer base that is aware of its usage. Through incentives the city can possibly educate and aim Chicago in the direction of sustainability.


One thought on “Smart Water

  1. This is a very important movement, considering that their will be an increase in water usage over the next 10 years. I feel that Smart Water will help business and homeowners monitor how much water that they allow to be use in their structure. In addition, having a more accurate bill when using water would be better because the city would no longer have to estimate how much water is being used. According to the city of Chicago , “The Department of Water Management is responsible for delivering nearly 1 billion gallons of fresh pure water to the residents of Chicago and 125 suburban communities every day“ which means that it is very important for us to monitor how much water we are using to make sure we are excessively wasting .


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