One of the biggest urban innovation plans is the Mobility-on-Demand plan. This plan’s purpose is to make sure that transportation is available at all times. The planet suffers from air pollution and vehicular traffic congestion. The usage of technology can help solve this problem. Mass transport vehicle routing is one example of a fast-paced way of getting to a destination. These new ways of on-demand transportation could eliminate public transportation.

This project address the following five factors for sustainable development:

Environment: Vehicular traffic congestion, caused by air pollution, puts humans at risk.

Economics: $60 Billion of time and fuel was wasted in the largest urban areas of the United States.

Social Equity: Anyone with a ride-sharing vehicle can participate with the “mass transport vehicle routing” plan.

Energy: Mobility-on-demand can decrease pollution and possibly eliminate public transportation.

Health: According to The World Health Organization, approximately there are over one million deaths per year worldwide due to outdoor air pollution. Mostly, a large is from vehicular traffic.


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