A Cloudy Future

When it comes to smoking, most people are aware that they are harming themselves. Knowing they are still affecting their health they still proceed to smoke. But what many smokers properly don’t know is that they are also causing harm to the environment. Now it’s obvious to see that when people smoke they release a gas. Some of the chemicals that are found in the gas are Carbon monoxide, Benzene, Hydrogen Cyanide, etc. these are just a few that damage not only your health but those around you as well.

Now people know they release gas when they are smoking but what happens when people are done smoking? Most people really don’t care about the cigarettes butts and just tend to throw them off anywhere. Little do they know that, that little thing is more harmful to the environment than the person smoking the actual cigarette. The impact it has on the environment is that all cigarette butts are NOT BIODEGRADABLE. This means that these little things can affect land and water making them a global threat to us.

Now people all over the world have realized this threat and have found potential solutions to help the environment we live in. In some local areas, there have been specific dumpsters and signs to make people aware to not just dump their cigarette butts anywhere. We know that people around campus smoke, even know they know there are signs that say they shouldn’t. But we need to first make this aware to people so they can start knowing about the harm they are causing.This is the action we must first make, it is with awareness that we help contribute a better living to everyone to keep our local area clean, and not only our local area but the world we live in

Timeline: 1-2  years

Budget: about 1 million and more depending on location







One thought on “A Cloudy Future

  1. This is an interesting project idea because many people argue that cigarette butts are biodegradable when in reality, animals eat them before they decompose. Would bins specifically for disposing cigarette butts be put on campus even though there is a no smoke policy?


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