A Greener Look

Timeline: 5 years

Description: Looking the campus during a time of remodeling this would be an excellent time to start adding more green space to the campus. The main focus would be adding more plants around campus to near walk ways and already existing buildings. The focus on green space is important but diversifying it around campus would be more important. Creating contrast from the buildings and roadways. Adding plants to the sides of buildings on a more elevated scale. Having more plant life to the outside common areas would create a break in scenery while walking around the campus. Increasing the green space in a center point within campus would prove to benefit those walking around the campus, especially in high traffic areas of campus. The idea to add green space following some of the renovations on campus would help make for a seamless transition of the look of the campus. The placement of the green space should be done to be easily maintained. The added benefits with green space will help the campus life and overall look. Small adjustments with green spaces would have long lasting impacts to the people around them.

Estimated Budget: $50,000




3 thoughts on “A Greener Look

  1. This is project idea that I would like to participate in and submit a LOl, because adding green spaces on campus would indeed make the campus be more appealing to students and visitors.


  2. I am a believer that green space will improve campus morale, so I am on board with this idea. I like the idea of adding green to the side of buildings to offset the concrete aesthetics of UIC’s campus.


  3. This a great idea, We do need more greener space around UIC. Most especially on the empty lots around East Campus. Incorporating this would be a good investment and greet use of the sustainability fee.


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