Reusable Bottles for Undergrads

Sustainability Fee Project Letter of Inquiry

Project Title:

Reusable Bottles for Undergraduate Students

Project Timeline:

This project could become reality in a matter of months, depending on how many students it would serve and at what points throughout the school year. Ideally this project would be implemented each semester, granting each new and incoming student with a stainless steel water bottle.

Project Description:

In an effort to eliminate plastic waste on campus, I propose using a part of the Sustainability Fee to provide reusable, stainless steel water bottles to UIC undergraduate students. Rather than buying disposable water bottles in stores or depending on potentially harmful plastic bottles, students would already have a more durable and more sustainable alternative to drink out of.

Preliminary Project Budget:

This project’s budget would depend completely upon how often it would be implemented; the project’s optimal efficiency is reliant on how many people it affects. Hence the more people receiving stainless steel water bottles, the more money it will cost. A project of this dimension may be more feasible with greater funding through the university, however its environmental benefits may completely outweigh the costs. Expected total cost of this project would be approximately $100,000.


2 thoughts on “Reusable Bottles for Undergrads

  1. I think this a great and totally feasible idea. When I went to Loyola my freshman year, all incoming students were given one. I always used it. Loyola also banned the sale of plastic water bottles on campus. Perhaps this could be the first step on our campus. Ban plastic bottles, so students are encouraged to use reusable water bottles out of necessity.


  2. This would certainly help in reducing plastic bottles and the need to bring them. Students are more likely to use them if they were provided for free instead of buying their own stainless steel water bottle. I also agree with @lausti5 on banning the sale of the plastic water bottle. This would make a tremendous difference and greatly encourage the use of the new bottles. People need to know why using a reusable bottle is beneficial to themselves and the environment, instead of bringing a new plastic bottle to to campus everyday.


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